Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First Haikuesday

We declare First Haikuesday a success.  One of the problems has been deciding how we are going to spell my favorite new holiday that happens every Tuesday.  I like Haikuesday, because the u e combo transitions like Tuesday to make it a more complete representation of the combination word spawned after haikus became popular on Tuesday at the teahouse.

Mical Lewis created this event, so we are kicking this series of haikus on J-Tea's first Haikuesday off with Mical's submission.  We will then follow with all of the other haikus received today.  Thank you to all of you who participated for your thoughtful choice of words.

Clattering strainers,
unfurling green in white round.
A cup of J-Tea.
-Mical Lewis

Where did my tea go?
I have hidden it from you.
-Mark Lewis

Three empty vessels
awaiting to be filled.
Tea and breath are one.

Silence, tea unfurls
Mind quiets, heart opening
emptiness is full

Hard day of grey clouds.
A tea for stupidity,
red water clarity.
-Lucy Kingsley

In need of a break.
Taking time out of the day.
Tea deliciousnes

Focuses the mind
Envelopes the sense of taste
Experience tea

Best tea bar in town
Twenty-seventh and Friendly
Great staff at J-Tea.

Hiking Spencer's Butte
See the valley creation
Wish I had some tea
-Jeremy Swanburg

Jack Daniels not good...
To keep your mind clear and crisp.
Got to get J-TEA!
-Christine Ratchinsky-Hentze

From far, mounded fields
The leaves surrender to us
Hot tea soothes my soul
-Mark Lewis

Tea has much to say,
Brewing in a gung fu way,
Pleasantly surprised.
-Josh Chamberlain

Puer cake in the mail
A gift good enough to drink
or to age for years.

I had tea today
It is my morning routine
Sometimes at night too.
-Maddie Norman

If you missed it this week, join us next week.  Remember Tuesday is Haikuesday at J-Tea.

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