Wednesday, April 11, 2012

About J-TEA

     Below is part of a blurb created to introduce J-TEA to be a vendor at events. We are looking forward to introducing the mobile tea cart soon. We named the cart "Thea", after the great amino acid in tea known as L-Theanine. L-Theanine's effect is calming and centering.

Originally, the content read:
     "Josh Chamberlain founded J-Tea International in 2004 while he was living in Taiwan as an MBA student at the National Cheng Kung University.  In August 2005, Chamberlain returned to his hometown, Eugene, Oregon, and opened a retail space in the Friendly Street neighborhood in August 2007. He is dedicated to returning to Taiwan frequently to bring his customers the best and freshest teas, imported directly from small farms. Chamberlain’s intimate knowledge of the tea world and his close relationships with Taiwanese tea farmers and purveyors ensure the high quality of his products..."

Upon rereading this intro, I was struck with one thought... Boring. So I changed it to the following.
     J-TEA was nothing but a hope for Josh Chamberlain in 2004 while he was living in Taiwan as a student. Josh had a vision. Spending several years in Taiwan allowed him the opportunity to learn about tea from tea masters and tea experts and brought him into the fold of Taiwanese society. The tea spoke to him and let him know that others would greatly enjoy a similar experience with tea that he was lucky enough to enjoy. And so the story began. In time, J-TEA manifested into a teahouse in Eugene's Friendly Street neighborhood where many weary travelers of this modern world's battered landscape can pull up to the tea bar and feel the relaxing effects of any number of the carefully selected teas that J-TEA provides. Josh frequently visits the tea farms and studies with traditional tea teachers in his continual quest for tea knowledge.

Brewing tea at Jiu Fen's beautiful tea house balcony.

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