Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meet Our New Contributors

In this new year, we are excited to add new voices to The Oolong Tea Times. Ultimately, we hope to bring our readers closer to the experience of tea. To this end, I have enlisted my talented staff to create blog posts that will be of high entertainment value, high quality, and regular in release and frequency.

We've only just begun on our journey of tea. It is our hope that through the process of writing, our collective voices will allow us to document the learning process. We hope to solidify the fragmented moments that comprise this process and distill it into words to create a story of tea.

The following is a brief introduction of our contributors (visit the “About” page to learn more).

Katie Chamberlain is my wife. She signed onto the newsletter project when I put a ring on it, which was in August of 2011. Katie is a professional writer, meaning she writes for money. She is also an editor. Everything she touches in the form of wordage turns to gold. Katie has helped me with many a newsletter. Her writing is clean and informative. Katie will play the role of contributing editor.

Jonathan Manley is a coffee expert reformed. An appreciator of the aesthetic experience, the process of making tea does not elude him. Jonathan is a strong proponent for tea rather than coffee as a daily beverage. Jonathan brings an alternative perspective that will add to the force of tea's resurgence in American culture.

Mical Lewis is a master of the word. Mical's prose drips like droplets of Eastern Beauty from her fingertips as she spins magical webs of tarot and tea. She is in charge of all things magical.

And me, well, I should be good for a post or two. All in all, with this tea team, I am lathered with anticipation for a variety of perky posts. In the words of some tea guy... “There is no I in team, but there is a tea in team.”

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