Friday, April 19, 2013

J-Tea: The Story Behind Our Name

People often ask, “What does the ‘J’ stand for in J-Tea?" In fact, it doesn't stand for anything. It’s simply our name. In the process of conceiving a name for the tea company, we created lists and lists of possible names. Yet, none stood out. During this time, my grandmother was visiting from Chicago and I asked her opinion. She is a poet and for long as I can remember, she has recited a poem at Thanksgiving that includes all of the family members and something special about them. I remember thinking that she might just have the answer to the name quandary. Upon asking, she cocked her head, tilted and looked slightly upward, much like I've seen a terrier do when you ask it if it wants to go outside. "J-TEA," she said. My grandmother, in all of her wisdom, had spoken. The name had a nice ring to it and the rest is history.

People often think that the “J” in J-Tea signifies my name, Josh. It’s true that I am the “J” behind J-TEA, but J-TEA is an entity of its own, with its own name. On a side note, people who don't know my name often call me Jay. At first I thought it was funny, but now I just go with it. Sure, you can call me Jay. In fact, call me whatever you like; just don't call me late for drinking tea.

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