Wednesday, November 07, 2012

What does it take to make great tea?

It's just a question of TDR: Tian, Di, Ren or heaven, earth, people. Is it a noun? A person, place or thing? Tian means day / sky / heaven. Di means Earth / land / soil. Ren means human being / person, people. Tian Di together means heaven and earth; world; universe. Add Ren and we have TDR. It’s everything that we concern ourselves with. Mostly I'm concerned about how TDR can bring about good tea.

Heaven, Earth, People

It is said that the synergy of these three elements (heaven, earth, and people) are what lead to the highest quality teas.

The possibilities combine into an infinite number of outcomes, giving us a multitude of combinations. It is no wonder, then, that the variety of tea available is so wide.


  1. How does Eastern philosophy play into the right combination of these three elements?

  2. Hi The Teaist,
    Thanks for the question, though I have to say that I'm not sure if I have any answers yet. I am currently writing more posts on the subject. I like that Tian Di Ren is a three word phrase.