Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Sky is Not Falling. It's Changing. By Guru Hari S. Khalsa

I rise early every day.  Instinctually I scan the morning sky and smell the wind like some wild beast in the forest.  This seems to be an ancient primitive practice that I’ve inherited to foresee what  nature and the day will bring and make plans thereof.  This morning as I sat from my living room perch I looked to the West and saw a dark and ominous gloom on the horizon.  Immediately a heavy feeling sinks deep into my gut; another heavy day to bear!  But then, as I swivel my chair, to the East I see a beautiful sky!  Angelic and radiant with colors like an aurora borealis.  It moves, flows, evolves and unfolds with each second.  Becoming more and more spectacular my hopes were restored!!

But this moment is fleeting and within minutes the spectrum of colors vanish.  With nothing to grasp onto any longer the Eastern sky too has turned to grey.  And the animal me is slightly saddened.  I pause, sip my high mountain oolong tea and reflect on the matter; the feelings that arise and fall within each nanosecond of our lives.  And a simple neutrality comes to mind.  The human condition perpetually grasping for something.  Experiencing life with an internal barometer of hope or despair.

My chair swivels back to the West.  I slowly look up and to my great surprise the Western sky is now in a full spectrum light and even more beautiful than the East!  My hopes are restored!!!  After all, I am only human.

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